About RomIndex.
RomIndex is an indexing site that aims to collect, organize, and showcase links to old video games that we still love and adore. One of the many problems with most sites that appear to do this is that they prey on their users by including adware and malware in their downloads. Here at RomIndex, our team promises you that we will only include the necessary files required to play your favorite games on the required emulator.
At RomIndex, we do want to strive to make some sort of income for our efforts. RomIndex does this so we can continue to add more games and content to the site. RomIndex will never have intrusive ads or pop-ups that get in the way of what you're doing and will also never have content ask you to disable your adblock. We believe it's your choice to support us or not. :)
Some beautiful art exists in this world. We would like to take a moment to credit a few people for their artwork. Our logo comes from a website called getdrawings.com and the artwork on our emulators page are sourced from the projects themselves. Please support the creators of this artwork. Without them, the projects would be drastically different.
Thank you for putting in the time to read all this. If you have questions please read through the FAQ.